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If you’re looking to sell your property use the painting and decorating services we offer to expertly revitalise the finish of your paintwork. Once your service has concluded the value of your home will have been increased. The team can also deliver real results to buyers, landlords, tenants, estate agents and many more. When the time’s right for you get professional advice and support from one of our trusted customer care specialists.

Book Jeffrey's Expert Painters in Muswell Hill N10 And Receive:

  • A skilled team – filled with hard working, reliable and punctual experts
  • Real results – your painting services will be completed using high grade equipment to the best possible standard
  • No-obligation quotes – that include the cost of labour and materials. Get yours over the phone or online
  • FREE on-site advice – given at a date prior to your service. This evaluation will allow us to offer you solutions in person
  • Value for money – you’re offered reasonable, competitive fees but don’t hesitate to ask the team to help you keep within your budget
  • A schedule to suit you – don’t worry if you’ve got full calendar. You can get the painters to work around it
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Learn About The Services We Offer

Wondering how the experts will paint your walls and ceilings? Firstly, all items blocking the access to your wall or ceiling will be moved out of the way and protected. Your flooring will also be covered. Before beginning to paint the team will check for scratches and dents that may need filling in. Once this is done they may apply a primer or undercoat if necessary. Next, three coats of water, solvent or speciality paint will be layered onto your wall or ceiling with a drying period between each layer.

Want to know the particulars of painting woodwork? All your decorative items will first be removed. Then your woodwork will be closely examined so old paint, scratches and more can be identified and then taken care of. Afterwards two layers of primer, dye or stain will be coated on, closely followed by three coats of paint, varnish or oil.

The Services You'll Get From Us

Our services can be split into two main jobs: painting woodwork, and painting walls and ceilings. Each requires slightly different paints and methods. However, before putting down paint on any of your surfaces the team will first clear away and protect your possessions. Your woodwork will first be assessed so any scratches, dents or old paint can be removed. Once this is done it’ll be treated with two coats of primer, dye or stain, and then coated with three layers of paint, varnish or oil. After everything’s dry a full clean-up will be carried out! Your walls and ceilings will also need to be checked over for dents and other imperfections prior to painting. Other preparation works such as plastering can be arranged but will be counted as extra. When it has been the team will use a primer or undercoat if it’s required and then put down up to three layers of paint. As with your woodwork a thorough clean-up will take place upon your services completion.

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Talk to an expert painting and decorating adviser in Muswell Hill on 020 3404 1299. You can also reach us through this website’s chat facility or by entering your details into the contact form.

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